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Brainpower Therapy Abstruse

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The Netherlands

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Feeling constantly stuck in your own thoughts and habits, keeping you in a kind of prison. Then choose for this whole new therapy. Where new patterns are introduced, so your body and mind can heal naturally and easily. Instead of negative thoughts and emotions, this therapy can take you back to a normal way of living enabling you to go on with your life. Enjoyment, thoughtlessness and being energetic, all qualities that are already inside of you, can be activated again.

Hypnotherapy, Magnetism, Chackra Energy Healing, Singing bowls Massage, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness


Brainpower Therapy

Do not put things off.

Choose for more quality in your life and enjoy again.

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Irene Zwaan

Tel: +31(0)6-38398347


Abstruse Brainpower Therapy

Abstruse Brainpower Therapy is a completely new method that is being applied.

It has been proved in practice that faster results will be achieved.

This therapy can be used for a variety of complaints.

The therapy focuses on a quick finding of peace and calmness, both in body and in mind, which allows the natural recovery to take place faster and more balanced.

Based on a intake interview, a personal treatment plan will be made.

Notice the difference after the first therapy session.

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